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Making a List — Checking It Twice

That’s the lesson learned from this outing. We were rather lax and figured “hey we’ve been on two camping expeditions. We’re pros now right?” Wrong. We forgot a critical piece of equipment. The air mattress. Now I don’t know about you but sleeping on the flooring of the tent directly on top of the dirt Continue Reading

Except for the Rattlesnake

We had a great time camping this trip except for the rattlesnake under the picnic table and the fact the tent nearly flooded while it rained during the night. Rattlesnake? Yup. We were sitting around the campfire after dusk and I went to refill my glass of wine on the picnic table. That table was Continue Reading

Contemplating the Universe AKA star gazing

I read somewhere that there a billion galaxies in the universe and a billion stars in each galaxy. I believe it because tonight I can see every one of those stars from our campsite. Did you know we’re made of stardust? It’s true and rather romantic. When the universe was first born the only elements Continue Reading

This Makes No Sense

When we arrived at Lake Roosevelt we chose Cholla loop campsites. Those sites are a mixture of RVs, trailers, motor homes, 3rd Wheelers and tents like us. There are bathrooms with flush toilets for what looks like every 75 campsites. So you’re probably wondering what makes NO SENSE. When we took our walk this morning Continue Reading

Neon Blue Lights Are You Kidding Me?

Our first day of this camping trip and this baby blue and white monstrosity of a motor home pulls into the camping space across the way and about 75 yards away. Fine. No problem. Their generator is on for an hour after dark. Ok. Still no problem. And then … wait for it. These neon Continue Reading