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Thieves in the Woods: the Four-Legged Variety

The woods seem peaceful … at first. A gentle breeze ruffles the oak leaves and sways the tops of the tall Ponderosa pine. But looks can be deceiving. Within the tangle of brush, the meadows of flowers and the tall grass hides the mischief makers. Beware of bear signs are posted all over but bears Continue Reading

Sleeping on a Cloud

One of the challenges of camping is a comfortable bed. Storage space is at a premium. We’ve got the back of our SUV, the luggage rack on top, and the space in the rack behind the car (thank you CeCe and Ryan) that’s it. Cots are out of the question. They’re too bulky and no Continue Reading

Cooking in the Rain is a Pain Even With Propane

July set a record for rain in the North Country of Arizona. 21 days straight it rained. Great for the drought not so great for us. The tent is pretty rain proof as long as the roof is fastened and tied out properly. There’s room for our bed, a plastic set of drawers, two chairs Continue Reading

No Ice – No Dice?

One critical element of camping in a tent is keeping fresh food cold … and that means ice in an air tight cooler. Before we started this adventure we experimented with not using the refrigerator -just a cooler. We went a full week with only the cooler and then three days with no ice. That Continue Reading