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Navajo Nation

I’ve lived in Arizona since I graduated college. No, you don’t need to know exactly how many years it’s been since then. LOL. The Indian reservations are just a part of the scenery for me. Nothing unusual. As we drove up 89N to Page it struck me how different the Navajo Nation reservation is from Continue Reading

Lake Powell Packs a Punch

When you first see Lake Powell coming down from the hills, it’s not terribly impressive. You catch a glimpse and then it’s gone. My first thought was it’s not that big a deal. I was wrong. The lake is stunning. As you get closer to the lake you realize how massive it is. The shoreline Continue Reading

How Many Ways Can You Say Cold?

38 degrees is only 6 degrees above freezing and we were. That was the temp when we woke up after struggling all night to stay warm. Even Rose and Kate were shivering. Remember they’re desert dogs and used to 90 degree weather. We covered them with towels. Today doesn’t look promising. We chose Oak Creek Continue Reading

The Sun Has Left Us

We woke up to a timid sunrise. Yesterday when we arrived it was pleasantly cool with a cheery blue sky. Today the sun hid behind a veil of grey clouds. By noon it was obvious good old sol was not coming back. The temperature began to drop. As it got colder I added another layer Continue Reading

Time Flies When You’re Stuck in Traffic

It took 6 hours to make what should have been a 3 hour drive. We left at 11:00 AM and immediately — and I mean like no more than 5 miles out — hit stop and go traffic because an accident had closed the main and only road to the freeway. The only alternative was Continue Reading