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Except for the Rattlesnake

We had a great time camping this trip except for the rattlesnake under the picnic table and the fact the tent nearly flooded while it rained during the night.

Rattlesnake? Yup. We were sitting around the campfire after dusk and I went to refill my glass of wine on the picnic table. That table was only about 10 feet away from the tent entrance and maybe 8 feet from where the fire was.

Well, that distinctive rattle made me jump backwards and yell rattlesnake to Brian. I grabbed Katy, our English springer spaniel and Brian grabbed Rose, our Irish setter. We all got in the tent.

Brian found the snake and dispatched it to snake hell. We didn’t want the body just hanging around attracting predators so he tossed it in the fire. You know how they say rattlesnake tastes like chicken .. well as the snake cooked, it did smell like roasted chicken.

Note to self: Always, always, always use a flashlight when you walk around in the dark.


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