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It Takes All Kinds

You might have a stereotype of the typical camper tucked away in the back of your mind. Usually male, of an indeterminate age, red plaid flannel shirt sturdy boots, and the requisite pickup truck … also of indeterminate age. If so you would be surprised at the variety of people and personalities. First, there’s Brian Continue Reading

Find what you need when you need it.

When we’re on the road, which is most of the time, we use the Internet to search for nearby points of interest and for services such as a laundromat — critical when you think about it or for a store such as guitar center nj. I use my smart phone for small easy tasks like Continue Reading

Time for a Tune?

Going camping leaves a little more time for fun activities. It only takes a few minutes to straighten up the tent. Meals and cleanup don’t take much time at all. So maybe I should learn a musical instrument like how to play the bass. Of course a bass is rather large so maybe I should Continue Reading

And we’re off.

Today is the day we start our first 30 day adventure. We drive from Maricopa, AZ to the Cleveland National Forest — why they call it the Cleveland National Forest, since it’s not anywhere near Ohio, I have no idea. The campground is 50 miles east of San Diego. High temperatures in the mid 70s. Continue Reading

From High to Low

Packing for this trip means packing for a highs of 95 degrees and lows of freezing. Yes, you read that right freezing, even though it’s June and we will be traveling until mid-July. Three campgrounds right now report lows in the high 30’s and Yellowstone reports freezing, as in ice forming, as in possible snow Continue Reading