Kick Off Summer Camping

So what do you need to camp? If you’ve never been camping, borrow as much equipment as you can. No sense spending a fortune to find out you hate camping. So what are the basics? First on the list is a tent. Yes, you could sleep under the stars, but there are bugs and critters Continue Reading

Flexibility and Attitude

When you’re camping two attributes become important: Flexibility and Attitude. That was brought home to us today. It never crossed my mind that sections of the National Forest would close. A campground here and there yes. But not an entire section of the forest. And that’s just what happened to us. We pulled up to Continue Reading

Some People Are Just Rude

I know that millennials — those between the ages of 20 to 30 years — have the reputation of being self-centered. Well we had an unpleasant experience with four college students last night. Lake Roosevelt has a few campsites that are placed too close together. The site in back and to the east of us Continue Reading