Adventures of Brian and Dee

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Saying Goodbye to Rose and Kate

Rose, our Irish setter went to heaven May 9, 2018. Kate, our English springer spaniel joined her April 27, 2021, just two weeks ago. It’s rough losing a family member. They say “well, it’s just a dog.” No. And wrong. Rose was with us 15 1/2  years. Kate made it to 16 years and 9 Continue Reading

Review of Cholla Campground at Roosevelt Lake

Cholla Campground at Roosevelt Lake, AZ was one of my favorite campgrounds and could be again. The campground is located on Hwy 87 midway between the turnoff and Globe, about 15 to 20 minutes from the little town of Tonto Basin. Five loops with about 25 campsites each form the campground. Three loops are usually Continue Reading

We Really Saw Them

You know those signs that have an outline of a deer or here in the White Mountains an Elk? Or the sign says “Watch for Animals,” “Deer Crossing,” or “Watch for Elk?” We’ve probably driven past those signs hundreds of times and never see hide nor hair of any wild life. Except this time. I Continue Reading

You Never Know When You’ll Need Your First Aid Kit

Since we travel and camp so much we try to have a well-stocked first aid kit, not just those little ones from the drug store that have like three band aids and maybe two aspirin. It has paid off more than once. Most recently this afternoon. We were sitting enjoying the sunshine — for once Continue Reading

Kick Off Summer Camping

So what do you need to camp? If you’ve never been camping, borrow as much equipment as you can. No sense spending a fortune to find out you hate camping. So what are the basics? First on the list is a tent. Yes, you could sleep under the stars, but there are bugs and critters Continue Reading