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Kate went pretty much ballistic

Kate, our English springer spaniel isn’t exactly hyper, but she does have a tendency to get excited and her “chase” instinct is through the roof. If it runs, she chases it. While we’re camping, which is pretty much nearly full time, she is always, always, always on a leash or tied to one of our Continue Reading

No longer a Dutch oven virgin

One of the disadvantages of camping is that you don’t have an oven, so baked and roasted dishes aren’t on the menu. A Dutch oven works on the premise that hot coals are underneath the pan and you fill the lid with hot coals. Heat then surrounds the pan and the food inside. Well I Continue Reading

Quiet Descends Once More

So it’s the week after Labor Day and what does that mean? No kids at the campground. No screaming little girls. That high pitched cross between a screech and whine is oh so annoying. No more bicycles hurtling down the paths. No more boys yelling as they play ball. No more rowdy over imbibed campers Continue Reading