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Making Progress

Bleary eyed from getting all the maps printed out to get us from one campsite to the next, 12 campsites and 12 Google maps. What’s odd is that the mileage on the Google maps don’t always match the mileage when you search “map this campground to that campground.” Some are close but one is off Continue Reading

I Don’t Get It.

Why bother driving for 3 hours to get to the “cool” mountains and then run your air conditioner all day at the campsite? I realize those trailers are pretty much ovens on wheels trapping the heat but whatever happened to sitting in the shade under the pine trees sipping an ice cold drink? I get Continue Reading

Lynx Lake is Lovely

Finally it looks like our camping adventure is coming together. We chose Lynx Lake outside of Prescott AZ. The weather is mild during the day, clear and sunny with light breezes. It is chilly at night. Our first trip, we lost the roof of the tent to a wind storm. Finally found it and reattached. Continue Reading

Weird Words

Sometimes I wonder about what words or sayings really mean. Like where did “monkey in a barrel come from” or “let the cat out of the bag”? In the first place nobody should be putting a cat in a bag in the first place. And then there’s odd names for items such a prairie strawberries Continue Reading