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Lake Roosevelt gets 4 stars.

If any of you are considering camping or picnicking at Lake Roosevelt, AZ, I can recommend it. The scenery is breathtaking. The campsites are clean and well-spaced apart. Most have some sort of vegetation between the sites to give a bit of privacy. The showers are solar-powered and clean. Spigots are by each bathroom to provide fresh water.

We arrived last Sunday and stayed through Friday afternoon. This was our second camping trip. We ran out of ice Tuesday afternoon but it was just a short drive back to Tonto Basin. Stopped at a bar/gas station/general store run by two ladies who were quite up there in age. They referred to themselves as two old ladies. LOL.

Weather was gorgeous until late Thursday afternoon when it started to get cloudy. Did we think to throw the tarp over the tent? No, mainly because I forgot the tarp. There is only so much you can stuff into a small SUV when you’ve got two people and two dogs.

Around 2 AM it started to pour as the wind howled. I was positive either the tent would become air borne, we would lose the outer covering or the rain would come through. None of that happened. In fact we would have stayed dry except I forgot to close one of the window flaps. (Note to self: look into that jellyfish extract that’s supposed to help with memory.)

The rain came in and drenched our last three rolls of toilet paper, my jeans — serves me right I’m the one that forgot to close the flap — and my unmentionables which were in one side pocket of our luggage. The tent floor got wet but not soaked.

I think we’re ready for a longer trip and maybe two campsites. Our plan is to take off cross country in May. That’s only 3 weeks away. Yikes.


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