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Neon Blue Lights Are You Kidding Me?

Our first day of this camping trip and this baby blue and white monstrosity of a motor home pulls into the camping space across the way and about 75 yards away. Fine. No problem. Their generator is on for an hour after dark. Ok. Still no problem. And then … wait for it. These neon Continue Reading

Food: An Absolutely Necessity

I’ve been menu planning for our trip tomorrow … 5 days, 4 nights. Space in our SUV is at a premium so while I absolutely want to make sure we have enough food. I don’t want to over pack. For our first, and only camping trip so far I might add, I planned each meal. Continue Reading

No longer a virgin.

We are no longer camping virgins. Our first trip was to camp out in the McDowell Mountain Park for 3 days and nights. Being newbies at this we chose the site because it did have bathrooms and running water. We set up the tent with no problem. The first day and night were fun. The Continue Reading