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The Sun Has Left Us

We woke up to a timid sunrise. Yesterday when we arrived it was pleasantly cool with a cheery blue sky. Today the sun hid behind a veil of grey clouds. By noon it was obvious good old sol was not coming back. The temperature began to drop.

As it got colder I added another layer of clothing. By 4:00 PM I had on a rank top, tee shirt, long sleeved short, sweater and sweatshirt with a hood.

You know when you say “well at least it can’t get any worse,” And it does. The rain started around 4:30 or so when silly me made the remark “At least it isn’t snowing.” So it did. Snow. It didn’t stick and only lasted about 20 minutes.

We built a fire when it stopped snow/raining, but the wind kicked up and was swirling so no matter where we tried to snuggle by the fire we faced a bout of smoke inhalation.

Dinner was an Asian medley of chicken, broccoli and rice.

Note to self: Cotton socks to not make good mittens.

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