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Back when I stayed with my grandparents, they had ‘party’ telephone line. Think of it as one line but with telephone extensions in several different houses. You could pick up your phone and listen in on other people’s conversations. No, I never did that. Okay maybe once.

Now many years later, and no I’m not going to tell you how many years, everyone has their own personal cell phone they carry with them at all times. We’re connected 24/7 to literally everyone everywhere, except for the past two weeks. No cell coverage, no wireless Internet connection at Parker Canyon Lake. How does it feel to be disconnected?

It’s a sense of freedom and frightening. Of course, there’s the time saving aspect — no checking email, facebook, news or messages. No getting distracted by cute puppy pics or pissed off by comments from people of the opposite political persuasion.


Note to Self: Make sure CeCe has the phone number of the Park ranger in case of emergencies.

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