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sunflowersLost Hills RV and Camping Resort in guess where? Lost Hills, CA, is basically a parking lot for trailers. Instead of blacktop or pavement, the vehicles sit on hard-packed dirt. Each site has a tree, picnic table with water and electric hookups. Nonetheless, it’s still a dusty parking lot. So why look for beauty here? We’re behind a mammoth truck-washing, oil-change shop and about six gas stations as well as fast food outlets. The noise from the freeway and the 16-wheelers never stops. About 25 trucks are all parked perfectly in line with each other — how do they do that? — as it seems this is an informal truck stop as well. Even here there is beauty. Behind our spot was a stand of wild sunflowers greeting the day in shades of gold and yellow. Sometimes beauty stuns you breathless and other times you have to look for it.

Note to Self: Lost Hills RV Resort also had a little fenced in area for a dog park, swimming pool, kid’s playground, free showers, laundry and store. The staff was friendly and helpful.

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