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Into the Wind

That’s what you’re supposed to do with the tent… point the narrow end of the tent into the wind, so you don’t have lift off of the tent. Well, that’s fine and dandy but exactly how are you supposed to know what direction the wind will be coming from if it’s not blowing when you Continue Reading

No refrigerator Day Five Are We saving Money?

In Arizona it costs an average of 11.1 cents per kilowatt hour. So are we saving money by turning the refrigerator off? It’s an older model. We bought it in 2001. It’s a side by side and it costs about $75 per year to run according to the Energy Star site. We’re paying $2 a Continue Reading

Get started on your spring garden

It’s not possible for us to dig up the backyard and turn it into a vegetable garden. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t grow some fresh veggies. The solution is container gardening. The downside is that paying $5 to $10 for each pot can really break the budget. Containers are also valuable to jump start Continue Reading