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Fabulous Fun Food – So Why Aren’t Writing About Food While Camping?

Just didn’t think of it until now. You probably know that Brian and I love to eat and cook. I also have a food blog, but I think the experience of cooking on the road belongs to Adventures of Brian and Dee, this blog. The first few times we went camping we planned every meal: Continue Reading

Breakfast of Champions

When I think of breakfast while camping I picture sizzling bacon snuggled up to crispy hash browns, creamy scrambled eggs and crunchy buttered toast. Today I hauled the frying pan out of the kitchen box — we’re camping remember? I don’t have kitchen cabinets in a tent, just a box — and decided to get Continue Reading

Parkview TapHouse in Fountain Hills

TapHouse Terrific or Terrible? We used to go to the TapHouse years ago, but the food and service deteriorated and we crossed it off our list. I was a little concerned that all the talk about the new improved menu was just that ‘talk’. Well I shouldn’t have worried. The menu is ambitious to say Continue Reading

Wicked Six Serves a Wicked Burger

Wicked Six serves a wicked burger. French fries –not so much. The Black and Blue 1/2 pound burger was nestled in a brioche bun, not your plain ole hamburger bun, mind you. Topped with a zesty blue cheese where you could actually see the mold in the cheese. Yes, the blue mold, that’s what gives Continue Reading