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50 Shades of Green

IMG_20160704_131510_815From green so dark it’s almost black to green so pale it melts in the sunshine, green is the color of Oregon. The contrast between the dusty brown hills of California to the greens of Oregon is startling.

Forest, emerald, avocado, grass, tea, jade, chartreuse, yellow-green, and shades of green in between change as the sun rises and sets, as the clouds build and fade away. Sometimes even the air has a green tinge.

Green trees

Green trees

The gently rolling hills are blanketed in trees. Occasionally a cleared area interrupts the green. Logging is a major industry for Oregon, which becomes apparent as truck after truck, stacked with logs, run down the roads and highways with us. Nearly half the state, 30 million acres, is forest. The Associated Oregon Loggers Inc. states that it takes one tree every year for every man, woman and child in the United States to meet the need for paper products, construction, filler, packaging and other lumber-related products. That tree has a 16 inch diameter and is 100 feet tall.


Note to Self: It’s against the law to pump your own gas in Oregon. No, really it is.

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