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Some People Are Just Rude

I know that millennials — those between the ages of 20 to 30 years — have the reputation of being self-centered. Well we had an unpleasant experience with four college students last night.

Lake Roosevelt has a few campsites that are placed too close together. The site in back and to the east of us is only 20 feet away. Since we’ve been here no one has set up camp in that site. Last year while we were here no one set up camp in that site.

There are 15 sites in the tent only loop, of which eight are vacant. So it’s not like the campsite close to us is the only one vacant.

Around 10 PM we hear a car pull up in the space next to us. It’s obvious we’re here because our tent is brightly lit. And their car is parked right next to ours. We hear voices and stuff being dragged from the car to the campsite. The pounding of tent stakes and some cussing. So okay, they’ll set up and then quietly settle down. Nope. They light a fire and start cooking.

It’s now around 11:30 and the conversation is getting louder. At midnight they throw another log on the fire. Brian goes over and politely asks them to be quiet. One guys says okay sorry. The other guy says “What are you going to do about it, call the cops?” And they proceed to laugh and talk all night. No I mean literally all night. They didn’t stop until after 6 AM.

The next morning we noticed they were staying for the next few days. So we moved.

Note to Self: The good news is the campsite we have now is tons better and more private.

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