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Mosquito Mayhem in Flagstaff

I don’t know why God made mosquitoes. They aren’t part of the insect garbage crew like beetles and cockroaches. They don’t service plants and flowers with pollination such as bees and butterflies. Their only purpose, as far as I can tell, is to harass, torment and bite. And that they have. Bite. In spades.

It’s been raining here in Flagstaff for the past 10 days with one exception. Perhaps not all day, but at least for an hour or two. Enough to get everything damp and then dry up a bit when the sun comes out. Puddles everywhere — read mosquito breeding ground heaven and h-ll for us warm-blooded critters.

These midget monsters aren’t out and sucking blood at dusk or in the evening like good little vampires. Oh, no, not these bad guys. They’re up and slurping in the morning and only stop when the sun warms things up, around noon.

At last count I’ve got more than 20 bites on my face, probably another 20 or so on my ankles and I don’t even want to talk about my hands, wrists, and forearms. Brian is just as bit up as I am, maybe even more so.

These buggers even went after Rose and Kate, our dogs, hovering around their noses, eyes, and mouths.

Forget about those natural bug repellents. It doesn’t matter whether they include essential oils of rosemary, mint, cinnamon, eucalyptus or whatever. They do NOT WORK.

Note to Self: Don’t believe organic or natural always works.

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