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Kate went pretty much ballistic

Kate, our English springer spaniel isn’t exactly hyper, but she does have a tendency to get excited and her “chase” instinct is through the roof. If it runs, she chases it. While we’re camping, which is pretty much nearly full time, she is always, always, always on a leash or tied to one of our chairs. What we didn’t count on here in Ponderosa campground in Payson, AZ are the raccoons. Our first night we left the flaps open to see the stars but zipped up the tent so critters couldn’t get in and our critters couldn’t get out. Didn’t stop Kate.

Right after we turned off our flashlights and got ready to go to sleep, Kate starts barking and throwing herself against the zipped tent door which is made of netting.

Looking right back at her by the picnic table was a big ole raccoon. Good thing we had cleaned everything up and put the food away in the bear-proof storage box.

Kate didn’t stop yowling until we closed and zipped up the flaps so she couldn’t see the raccoon anymore.

Note to Self: Maybe I should put the chairs in front of the tent door as well.

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