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Grapes as Far as the Eye Can See Arroyo Seco (Santa Barbara CA)

The hills are a patchwork of vibrant green vineyards, light green vegetables and golden grass. Occasionally a sign is posted boasting “Maria’s Shiraz” or “Caliente Winery.” Harvest is months away, but some of the grapes are turning color. The dark red fruit peek behind the bright green leaves.

A few of the larger wineries and a number of smaller ones offer tastings. Sorry, no, we couldn’t go. It’s not a good idea to partake before you have any idea of where your campsite is. Besides wineries don’t serve four-legged companies.

The Arroya Seco campsite is only 14 miles from Big Sur but that’s how the crow flies. That’s because our campground is tucked away in the hills. We would have to drive back to Highway 101 then turn west to the coast and south to Big Sur. I’m not disappointed because we knew that when we booked the site.

Note to Self: Could Rose pass for a short red-head with scarf and sunglasses? She loves wine.

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