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You Never Know When You’ll Need Your First Aid Kit

Since we travel and camp so much we try to have a well-stocked first aid kit, not just those little ones from the drug store that have like three band aids and maybe two aspirin. It has paid off more than once. Most recently this afternoon. We were sitting enjoying the sunshine — for once it wasn’t raining — when I noticed an older women stumble and fall. She didn’t get up so I ran over. She had blood running down her leg. It seemed like an awful lot of blood.

I raced back to the tent, pulled out the plastic shoe box which holds our first aid stuff, grabbed about six packages of gauze and an elastic wrap bandage. Raced back to her and made her sit down. Yes, the ground was wet, but I figured she should try to get the leg up a bit. I ripped open the gauze packages and had her press them against the wound it wasn’t a big would but it was pulsing rather than just dripping. Not spurting but enough to make me worried.

By that time her son and daughter-in-law brought up a chair and she could rest more comfortably with her leg elevated. All ended well. I gave them a few more packages of gauze and told them if the bleeding hadn’t stopped in 20 minutes they should get her to the ER.

Note to Self: Check first aid kit every time we move camps.

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