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Total Fail: Lasagna in a Dutch Oven

Lasagna is not a difficult dish to make under the usual circumstances. Layer wide noodles with a rich tomato sauce redolent with garlic and hints of basil and oregano. Smooth ricotta cheese peeks out from each layer, accented with a tangy Parmesan cheese. What can go wrong?

Try making lasagna in a Dutch oven and you’ll find out quickly. In order to conserve energy — the cooking fire, not my energy — I used the no-cook noodles. First mistake. Second mistake, I added an additional cup of sauce just like the directions specify. Third mistake, I didn’t use enough charcoal. The result?

Ever have lasagna soup with crunchy bits of uncooked noodles in the middle and burnt noodles on the bottom? Oh well. There were enough cooked noodles for both Brain and I for supper, but alas no leftovers.

Note to Self: Forget shortcuts.

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