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Time Flies When You’re Stuck in Traffic

It took 6 hours to make what should have been a 3 hour drive. We left at 11:00 AM and immediately — and I mean like no more than 5 miles out — hit stop and go traffic because an accident had closed the main and only road to the freeway. The only alternative was a detour south — we needed to head north — to the Interstate 10. An hour and half later we finally headed in the right direction. But wait. There’s more.

About 3 miles before our turnoff to Oak Creek Canyon, our destination, traffic comes to a dead stop. We crawl — well the car crawls not us literally — those 3 miles and eats up another hour and a half. At this point, both Brian and I are wondering if we’ll make camp before the sun sets.

We did but just barely. The campgrounds at Oak Creek Canyon are surrounded by guess what? A canyon that is a couple of thousand feet tall. So even though it’s only 5:00 PM, the sun is quickly setting.

Dinner was lovely sautéed salmon, summer squash and smoky chipotle smashed potatoes.

Note to Self: Stay calm. Panic is contagious.

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