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Making Progress

mapsBleary eyed from getting all the maps printed out to get us from one campsite to the next, 12 campsites and 12 Google maps. What’s odd is that the mileage on the Google maps don’t always match the mileage when you search “map this campground to that campground.” Some are close but one is off by two hours and another by 1 1/2 hours.

Next task is to find Banfield Vet Clinics along the route. I know some people don’t like Banfield but they’ve done a good job with Rose and Kate. The clinics are located in PetSmart stores which means we are near a vet almost anywhere we go. That’s a big advantage. The clinics are open 7 days a week and usually from 7 to 7. Beats trying to find an emergency vet.

We also will find hospitals near each site and laundromats. I know we could just Google them if we need them, but in an emergency — in the case of the vet clinic and hospitals not the laundromat — I feel better knowing ahead of time.

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