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How Many Ways Can You Say Cold?

IMG_20160428_072646_66938 degrees is only 6 degrees above freezing and we were. That was the temp when we woke up after struggling all night to stay warm. Even Rose and Kate were shivering. Remember they’re desert dogs and used to 90 degree weather. We covered them with towels. Today doesn’t look promising. We chose Oak Creek Canyon because it’s a beautiful place to camp but also because the weather was forecast to be in the low 70s during the day and 50s at night. The weatherman be wrong.

IMG_20160428_072619_726We get to Lake Powell, register at the campground and start to set up. Right after we get the tent staked down — you do that first — it starts to rain. The wind is gusting. The top of the tent has bars which support the roof. Those bars attach to side bar supports which are staked down as well. The gusts are strong enough to uproot the stakes. This is a losing battle. I get inside the tent to anchor it down while Brian works from the outside. But not to worry our little tent tempest blows over and we get it all set up. Of course, Kate is howling in the car and Rose is doing her shrieky bark the entire time.

Dinner is a spicy chili and roasted corn dish.

Note to Self: Maybe we should rename our blog “Can Brian and Dee Survive?”

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