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Fabulous Fun Food – Firewood Grilled Pizza Sounds Easy, Right?

IMG_20160628_184650_860Well it’s not. I don’t care what those TV cooking shows say.

First challenge: Get the fire started and burnt to hot coals at the exact moment the pizza should go on. Didn’t work exactly that way. By the time the pizza dough and toppings were ready, the coals were too low. So added more wood. Now it’s too hot so we raised the grill — only we’re using a campsite grill that wouldn’t budge. Moved the coals farther apart in the hopes the temperature would drop. It did.

Second challenge: Forgot to bring a baking pan. I remember this after I’ve got the dough ready to roll — or in this case squished down. So I fashion a make-shift pan out of several sheets of foil on top of a plastic shoebox lid. Greased the foil so the dough won’t stick. Sorta worked.

Third challenge: Transferring the loaded pizza from the picnic table to the grill without dropping it. Placing it on the grill without dumping it in the fire or burning our hands. It took two of us to move it, each holding one end. Yes, we remembered to remove the plastic lid before placing on the grill.

Fourth Challenge: Discussing amicably who, me who made the pizza, or Brian, who built the fire, should get the last piece. We split it and saved a few bites for Rose and Kate.

Note to Self: Pack a baking pan or cookie sheet.

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