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Potato Soup is Everywhere!

I pack a couple of packages of dehydrated meals for those times when it’s too busy to cook while we’re camping. Since we had just set up camp and both Brian and I were tired I thought the cheesy potato soup would make a nice and easy dinner. These dehydrated meals take about an hour Continue Reading

Home Baked Bread While Camping?

No. but I made something just as good, Even in a Dutch oven it’s difficult to bake bread, biscuits yes… bread no. When I was growing up I spent every summer with my grandparents in Overlook, PA. My grandmother baked her own bread every week. As a special treat she’d roll out some leftover dough, Continue Reading

Cooking on the Go

When you’re camping you want to take everything you need and nothing more. We have a kitchen utility box with knives, pots and pans, cutlery, plates, bowls, wine glasses, propane stove and so forth. Three white plastic boxes hold the non-perishable food: one for canned goods, one for staples like flour and sugar and one Continue Reading

Fabulous Fun Food – Firewood Grilled Pizza Sounds Easy, Right?

Well it’s not. I don’t care what those TV cooking shows say. First challenge: Get the fire started and burnt to hot coals at the exact moment the pizza should go on. Didn’t work exactly that way. By the time the pizza dough and toppings were ready, the coals were too low. So added more Continue Reading

Fabulous Fun Food – So Why Aren’t Writing About Food While Camping?

Just didn’t think of it until now. You probably know that Brian and I love to eat and cook. I also have a food blog, but I think the experience of cooking on the road belongs to Adventures of Brian and Dee, this blog. The first few times we went camping we planned every meal: Continue Reading