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Baby It’s Cold Outside

Well it is for Arizona. In Phoenix, as well as Roosevelt Lake where we are, the low temps are supposed to be in the high 30’s. Keyword there is supposed to. Our thermometer registered 32 degrees and there was ice in the dog water bowl. How do we survive?

His name is Little Buddy, a heater that works safely off a quart canister of propane. Within 15 minutes the inside of our tent was a toasty 60 degrees. The trick is to keep the inside of the tent warm without running the heater continuously. Our solution was to lay a plastic painter’s tarp and put it over the netting of the tent underneath the roof fabric. The plastic is clear so the tent stays warm. When the sun is out, the plastic doesn’t block the warmth.

Note to Self: Buy more plastic to go around the sides of the tent, especially the side where the air mattress is.

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