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Alien Life Forms Invade Palm Springs

The invasion started quietly, one or two stands here, a few more over there. As the tri-podian aliens took root their numbers grew. One tri-pod after the other sprang from the earth in full adult form nearly 100 feet tall. The dry atmosphere suited them in Palm Springs. The wind spread their spawn over a large area. Always growing in straight lines connected by a subterranean tangle of communication lines, the aliens waited. Patience was a virtue in their species.

Palm Springs was only the beginning in their plan to take over California, then the United States and finally the earth.

The city of Los Angeles was next. The LA smog gave the alien’s life force extra energy, since it was similar to their home planet’s atmosphere. They spread up the coast to Oregon and Washington.

Arizona had already been invaded by the solarista species of aliens. Their flat panels always facing the sun as they sucked down energy. Soon the solaristas called to the tri-podians. The time had come to join forces and travel eastward. The time had come to enslave the humans.

Note to Self: So how do the tri-podians and solaristas survive the Midwest and adapt to New Yorkers?

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