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Never Cook Bacon With Potatoes While Camping

It sounds like a good idea, but trust me it’s not. It’s amazing how fast we go through a can of propane. You know those green ones? So I thought I would cook the bacon and the potatoes together to save time. The bacon would get all crispy while the potatoes turned golden brown. Right? Continue Reading

Being Beautiful is a Challenge Anytime but Camping?

Okay, maybe not beautiful but how about reasonably presentable? Remember we’re in a tent so we don’t have electricity. Now we could get solar panels but we don’t have them right now. This means no hair dryer or curler. If I want to wash my hair I have to heat about two gallons of water Continue Reading

“Winter Camp” in the Desert

We wondered what it would be like to experience a tent camping adventure in winter time–well, at least winter time in the Arizona desert. So right after Christmas we headed to McDowell Mountain Park just east of Scottsdale. The first two days we were there the weather was wonderful. Warm and sunny, with highs near Continue Reading