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Looking Out for Tsunamis and Enjoying Wine, While Rose acts as Camp Ambassador

During our camping trips this summer, I’ve been mentioning some of the weird advice and rules you see from the Park Service. The winner at Tillicum was a “Tsunami Warning” that said “You are in a Tsunami Hazard Zone. If you feel the ground shake, move quickly to higher ground. Do not wait for an Continue Reading

Fabulous Fun Food – Firewood Grilled Pizza Sounds Easy, Right?

Well it’s not. I don’t care what those TV cooking shows say. First challenge: Get the fire started and burnt to hot coals at the exact moment the pizza should go on. Didn’t work exactly that way. By the time the pizza dough and toppings were ready, the coals were too low. So added more Continue Reading

Paradise by the Sea in Oregon

We had been warned that the beaches up in Oregon could have cool, cloudy, even wet weather, so we were prepared to be chilly. When we crossed the border into Oregon, taking the coastal route, we did notice the temperature seemed to drop. The drive was interesting, through several small coastal towns, and winding around Continue Reading

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Yes and no. the schedule we’ve set for ourselves is way too aggressive. The first day we tear down camp, pack up and drive a minimum of 5 hours, more like 6 or 7 hours … don’t believe Google when it says 4 hours add at least 25% to any time it tells you. Then Continue Reading

Fabulous Fun Food – So Why Aren’t Writing About Food While Camping?

Just didn’t think of it until now. You probably know that Brian and I love to eat and cook. I also have a food blog, but I think the experience of cooking on the road belongs to Adventures of Brian and Dee, this blog. The first few times we went camping we planned every meal: Continue Reading