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Tiny But Tough

At first glance the meadow at Pine Grove, AZ, is just different shades of green surrounded by tall Ponderosa Pines — probably why they cleverly named the camp site Pine Grove. The edge of the meadow melts into deep forest. What you don’t see, at first, are the wildflowers … other than plumes of golden Continue Reading

A Tale of Two Beach Vacations

Shown below are two pictures from vacations we have taken to the seashore, one recently, one several years ago. You can see in each of them a lovely view of the ocean. And each has a fairly uncrowded beach. I can tell you that we had a wonderful time on each of these vacations and Continue Reading

24 Days With No TV. Are You Kidding Me?

No, I’m not kidding. And we didn’t have cell phone coverage or Internet for at least half of that time. When you camp in a national forest sometimes it’s too remote for phone coverage. Now about giving up TV… Didn’t miss it much at all. It’s summer time so most of the network prime time Continue Reading

Alien Life Forms Invade Palm Springs

The invasion started quietly, one or two stands here, a few more over there. As the tri-podian aliens took root their numbers grew. One tri-pod after the other sprang from the earth in full adult form nearly 100 feet tall. The dry atmosphere suited them in Palm Springs. The wind spread their spawn over a Continue Reading

Flowers or Weeds? You decide.

Wildflowers were lovely from Northern California up through Oregon and then back again. I have no idea what some of the names are. I saw Queen Anne’s lace, phlox, daisies, sweetpeas, yellow daisies, dandelion, clover, lupine. and much more. God creates such beauty.