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Camping on the Beach! (A Preview of an Upcoming Blog)

Rose the Irish Setter and Kate the Springer Spaniel here… We are taking over the “Adventures of Brian and Dee” blog today, as guest canine columnists. We have our own blog where we talk about our own adventures and give our opinions about a whole bunch of subjects. When you’ve been around as long Continue Reading

I Don’t Get It.

Why bother driving for 3 hours to get to the “cool” mountains and then run your air conditioner all day at the campsite? I realize those trailers are pretty much ovens on wheels trapping the heat but whatever happened to sitting in the shade under the pine trees sipping an ice cold drink? I get Continue Reading

Dealing with Da Bears

When we went camping this week north of Payson, Arizona, we saw a sign on the camp bulletin board that we were in “Bear Country”. This confused us because we always thought Chicago, Illinois and surrounding areas were Bear Country, and here in Arizona was Cardinals Country. And in any case, being Green Bay Packers Continue Reading

How to Cope With 110 Degrees (Answer: Leave Town!)

That was an easy choice last week when we saw the brutal weather forecast for Metro Phoenix, AZ where we live. But we didn’t want to go on a long camping trip because we are planning to go all the way to the magnificent Oregon coast in June. Then we remembered the campgrounds just 1 Continue Reading