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Enough of These Windy, Steep Roads Already

You would think because it’s called a “highway” that Highway 101 would be a nice wide, straight thoroughfare. It’s not from about Panther Flats to Tillicum (Waldport, OR). Yes, there are passages you can go 65 mph, but most of it is a narrow two-lane road. Sometimes the hairpin curves are right next to a Continue Reading

50 Shades of Green

From green so dark it’s almost black to green so pale it melts in the sunshine, green is the color of Oregon. The contrast between the dusty brown hills of California to the greens of Oregon is startling. Forest, emerald, avocado, grass, tea, jade, chartreuse, yellow-green, and shades of green in between change as the Continue Reading

The Majestic Redwoods! and a Refreshing River

Our next stop was almost at the top of California, and we got the thrill of driving through immense, mist-shrouded redwood forests. The trees were colossal in width and height, and the forest floor was cool and green, almost prehistoric looking. I half expected to see a Brachiosaurus poking its neck out from the top Continue Reading

When God Made Trees He Started With The Giant Redwoods

I’m sitting here staring at this blank screen. Well actually blank 3-ring lined notebook paper because that’s what I write on when we are not near electricity for the computers. Yes we have batteries, but batteries drain fast. Okay back to staring. The tired adjectives of awesome, majestic, stunning don’t even begin to describe the Continue Reading

Jabbering Jays and a Cacophony of Crows

Whether you live in a city or a suburb, you listen to the buzz of traffic, hum of air conditioning, and just general manmade noise. Occasionally you hear a bird. I never realized how vocal birds are. At Upper Oso (Santa Barbara, CA) a family (bevy? clutch? clan?) of crows would start calling right before Continue Reading