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Urban Survivor Never Boil Eggs in the Microwave

The egg before it exploded.

The egg before it exploded.

This week we’re not using the stove. Not a problem. We’ve got the oven, electric frying pan, microwave and charcoal grill.

Breakfast is not one of those meals I like to cook. Usually it’s a fruit smoothie and toast. However, occasionally I like to make soft boiled eggs with bits of crunchy bacon served on a crisp English muffin.

WARNING: Do Not Attempt This At Home

So how hard could it be to boil eggs without a stove? Can’t do it in the frying pan. It’s not deep enough to cover the eggs with the water. It would take way too long in the oven and somehow grilled eggs just don’t have any appeal.

But wait. The microwave stands at the ready. I put four eggs into a glass bowl and covered them with water. Turned the micro on high for six minutes. Big mistake.

The eggs blew up. Seriously they exploded in the micro with enough force to blow open the door. Eggs everywhere — on the stove top, on the floor, on the oven door which is all the way across the kitchen. I’m glad no one was in the kitchen when the eggs went ballistic.

Well at least Rose and Kate, our dogs helped with the cleanup.

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