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moving is a pain

moving is a pain

I never realized how much stuff you collect in 12 years. That’s how long we’ve lived in our home in Fountain Hills. It has great storage including what I like to call the dungeon. It’s really a room with a dirt floor that’s partially underground kind of like a basement. The huge air conditioner and heating unit is in the dungeon along with water and sewer pipes.

The room is used to store business files and holiday decorations. 30 boxes of business files — don’t ask, one of us is a pack rat — and eight boxes of Christmas decorations, three of Easter, three of Halloween and two for Thanksgiving — one of us loves to decorate.

We have enough Christmas ornaments to decorate the tree with a red, gold, white or multi-color scheme. And then there are the garlands and the small trees — six of those.

So we started going through the boxes. We got it down to six boxes for business, five for Christmas, two for Easter and one box for Thanksgiving. I gave all the Halloween stuff to my daughter.

I know we won’t need five boxes of Christmas decorations when we hit the road. I was thinking maybe a couple of strings of lights and a tree — just a small one. I kept the tree that’s skinny but 4 feet tall.


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