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Saddle Bronc Grill Review

Meatloaf sandwich at Saddle Bronc Grill

Meatloaf sandwich at Saddle Bronc Grill

You know you’re in cowboy country as soon as you enter the parking lot of Saddle Bronc Grill. The interior doesn’t disappoint with its brightly colored bandanas used as napkins, Western movie posters on the wall and staff in cowboy or girl attire. While the décor is entertaining, I’m here for the food.

Since there were raves about the meatloaf that’s what I ordered. Now meatloaf is a temperamental dish — overwork the ground beef and it gets tough — or it can go the opposite extreme and become almost mushy. Not so here. The meatloaf held together well, with a firm texture and flavored with finely chopped sweet peppers and I think I detected a hint of garlic and onion. All topped by a sweet but tangy tomato sauce. A generous portion of meatloaf was served on marble rye bread. The gravy was okay but you know I really didn’t need it to add flavor or moistness to the meatloaf. Nicely done.

Fries were crisp and hot. They hadn’t been sitting under the warming lights but fresh out of the fryer.

Brian ordered the patty melt. Juicy rich beef under a blanket of caramelized onions and resting on top of melty, gooey cheese. The trick with a patty melt is to get the right proportions of ingredients — too much cheese and that’s all you taste — too much onion and the sandwich is too sweet. Saddle Bronc Grill got it just right.

The wait staff was friendly and quick.

One small suggestion: I wasn’t impressed by the sides. I would have liked to see something a little more innovative than coleslaw, fries or cottage cheese with the sandwiches. As an ala carte side they did offer poblano or martini mashed potatoes.

The menu has a nice selection but isn’t overwhelming with a hundred choices. For the vegetarians, you will be limited to pretty much the salads, or appetizers such as hummus with fried pita chips, carrots and celery sticks, or the quesadilla. One appetizer that sounded intriguing was the rattlesnake eggs — crispy potato rolls stuffed with green chile and cheese.

Saddle Bronc Grill is worth the aggravation of driving down Saguaro Blvd during the construction.

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