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No Refrigerator No Ice Day Six

Hard cheese needs no refrigeration.

Hard cheese needs no refrigeration.

This is a challenge. No ice. No way to keep leftovers. I guess we could adjust on a permanent basis to living without a fridge. For example, as I said earlier lots of foods we keep cold, don’t need to be kept cold. Eggs keep several days, some sites say up to two weeks without refrigeration. I did buy organic, cage-free eggs. They are twice as expensive as non-organic but that makes them $3.00 a dozen rather than $1.50. In Europe you don’t ever see eggs in a refrigerator case. However, in the United States the rules are they must be kept refrigerated. The eggs must be power-washed which removes the protective natural coating. In Europe and other countries that coating is not removed.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs with cheese, toast and butter. Hard cheeses do not need refrigeration. Soft cheeses like Brie will start to smell like ammonia after they been cut and left out. Keep in mind that grated cheeses have all sorts of surfaces exposed and will dry out faster and mold. Use the kind that comes in whole chunks. Wrap in paper not plastic so the cheese doesn’t sweat.

Lunch was homemade chorizo kale soup and biscuits. I used the cured kind of chorizo. It worked just as well as the raw chorizo I usually use. I made just enough soup for two hearty servings of about 16 ounces each. The biscuits will keep just fine for several days.

Dinner was couscous and fresh baby spinach. Couscous is a small-grained pasta. You mix a cup of couscous with 1 1/2 cups boiling water. Cover and let set for two or three minutes. Mix in shredded baby spinach, a tablespoon of olive oil and a good squeeze of lemon juice. Throw in some walnuts for protein and flavor. Season to taste. The heat from the hot couscous wilts the spinach. Dessert was apple pie. No need to refrigerate the leftover pie. My grandmother never did.

Neither one of us likes milk and drink very little of it. However, if I had kids I’d mix dry milk with chocolate syrup and heat it for hot chocolate. Canned milk is another option for cooking o reconstitute the dried milk with water right before you need it. Add a dollop of melted butter if the recipe calls for whole milk.

If you like cereal for breakfast mix the cereal with canned fruit juice instead of milk.

Didn’t have to make an ice run. Yay!. I would really like a cold glass of water, lemonade or iced tea. Oh well. Room temperature Chardonnay will have to do.


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