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No Refrigerator Day Two — What a Mess

I know ice melts. What I didn’t realize is that the plastic bag the ice comes in has holes. Why I don’t know. The second day, the ice melted and the cooler had about 3 inches of water in the bottom. Do you have any idea what happens when cheese gets wet? It kind of melts into sticky orange goo. That goo got on the eggs, glombed onto the sandwich meat packages and was basically just disgusting.

It took me 30 minutes to clean everything up. The cooler still smells like cheese. So I sprayed it with bleach cleaner.

One thing you don’t have to think about when you have a refrigerator is what you’re having for dinner. Just open the door and peruse your choices. Not so with a cooler. You have to plan every meal. That’s not a bad thing. One of us has to go to the store every day to get fresh ice, so picking up a few groceries isn’t a problem.

I do miss having ice cold ice tea. There’s just no room for it.


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