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No Refrigerator Day Three Dog Food

Homemade dog food

Homemade dog food

After all the scares about dog food from China being contaminated we decided to make our own. This photo is brown rice, chicken, peas and canola oil with a little ground flax seed thrown in. No problem if you have a refrigerator. Just boil the meat, add rice and vegetables, stuff into plastic storage bags and you’re done.

Can’t do that with the cooler. I make three days of food at once and that much — 12 cups of food — would take way too long to cool down in the cooler, even if I packed separate bags of ice in between each day’s worth of food.

I could make only one day’s worth of food at a time, but that’s time consuming. I have this same problem when making soup or saving leftovers — if there is more than a cup or two of leftovers.

Planning ahead is the key. Dry ice cools the dog food or leftovers very quickly. I put the food in a single layer in a small portable cooler. Put the dry ice on top and it freezes the food. Then I transfer it to the cooler.

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