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No Refrigerator Day Eight

IMG_20140612_164137_889We are wasting food. I’m not used to cooking just as much as the two of us can eat at one meal. I could make the big meal for lunch and then eat leftovers for dinner. The food wouldn’t go bad in five or six hours, especially if I heat it up past boiling. The problem is that in a regular work environment I would be at the office at lunch time not at home.

Rose and Kate, our dogs are used to homemade food or Halo brand dog food. They get homemade every night for dinner. So not only do I have to prepare our meals I have to cook theirs every day too.

This is getting old fast. I want my fridge back and I want it now. I could and did give up the cooktop and the oven. I’d much rather give those up than the refrigerator.

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