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Brian and Dee

Opening a new bank account

Opening a bank account is not one of my favorite activities. I get the vague feeling that the bank sees me — the customer — as an impediment to my money. They want my money. They just don’t want to have to deal with servicing me.

It was a pleasant surprise to have Lindsey K. from the Fountain Hills branch of U.S. Bank assist us open a new savings account. Our current bank just isn’t working for us — and I mean that literally. Lindsey’s positive attitude was a breath of fresh air. After asking the requisite questions, she said that we qualified for a free checking account. Smart girl, she knows that we were not pleased with our current bank, so by opening the checking account we would be more open to using U.S. Bank.

It’s a rare talent to engage someone on a personal level without being nosy, but Lindsey pulled it off. She told us a bit about herself. When she found out we had two dogs, she said she had a new rescue puppy, a mix of border collie and chihuahua, not exactly one of your designer dogs, but cute.

When it came time to choose the debit card graphics we saw that the NFL Vikings were one of the choices but not the Green Bay Packers. Not surprising since U.S. Bank is headquartered in Minneapolis — home of the Vikings who are mortal enemies of the Packers. Well as mortal as they can be considering the Packers have Aaron Rogers and the Vikings can’t figure out who their quarterback should be — they started three different players this past season.

So this new banking relationship is one of our tasks to going on our trips and hitting the road full time in the fall. We didn’t want to be dependent on one bank.

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