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Little Red School House

Anybody else attend a one-room school house? Okay this blog doesn’t have anything to do with camping, cooking or the other usual topics. My grandparents (my grandfather immigrated from the Ukraine in 1893 and my grandmother was born here in the US, just after my great grandparents came from the Ukraine as well. So what does this have to do with a one-room school house?
They retired to a small, not even a village, community called Overlook, just outside of Shamokin, PA in about 1953. I spent every summer with them by myself. My parents would drive p Memorial Day weekend from Maryland and left me there. They would come back for July 4th and then again over Labor Day weekend.

One year when I was s6 years old, y mother was having a difficulty pregnancy so I stayed with my grandparents and started first grade in that little red schoolhouse. It was just at the top of the hill, maybe ¼ mile away. My grandfather walked me to school and then home again every day.

You know the concept of all the grades 1 through 6 together is pretty good. There were only about 40 of us all together and I think three teachers. The older students helped the younger ones.

I met my best childhood friend, Carol Heim, in overlook. We never went to school together because I’m two years older. Carol and I are still friends today.

Note to Self: And then I went to private school in the second grade.

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