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Learning How to Shoot a Gun

Urban survivor Dee

Urban survivor Dee

I have always wanted a hand gun for self protection so I finally bought one. Now I don’t know the first thing about guns, so it made sense to take a couple of lessons. We found a great instructor at the local gun club. Gun club — sounds odd doesn’t it — not like the familiar country club or sports club.

The first time I fired the gun, after learning about how to sight, stand, hold the gun and breath it scared the beejeesus out of me. It’s not at all like on TV. It’s much louder, there’s a kick back and a blast of fire at the end of the barrel. You hold the gun differently in real life than they do on TV.

The first lesson wasn’t fun. 45 minutes of gun safety and 15 minutes of shooting holding on to something — the gun — that terrified me.

However, the second lesson was better. Our instructor was very patient. He took us to a private part of the gun range without any other people. The noise was much less. I could focus on sighting or aiming for those of you who don’t shoot. The gun has two sights one in the front and two in the back. Once you figure out that you center the front sight in between the two back sites when you point at the target you improve your accuracy.

Dead on target.

Dead on target.

The third lesson was, dare I say it? almost fun. You do get used to the guns noise and fire. I also learned to shoot several times in a row while I improved my accuracy. The photo shows that most of the shots were in the same area. Now a gun won’t stop and intruder but it can cause them to change their mind.

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