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Four Paws Up for Pal’s Inn Pet Resort

Kate at Pal's Inn Pet Resort

Kate at Pal’s Inn Pet Resort

Now I know why it’s called a resort at Pal’s Inn Pet Resort. The ambiance begins when you walk up to the building through a lovely landscaped front. When you open the door to the bright entrance, there is no odor, no doggy scent, no cover up air freshener. Kate, our English springer spaniel was there for day care. We do plan on traveling and we can’t always take our dogs with us. Tracy, the manager greeted us and immediately sat down with Kate and interviewed me on how Kate was with other dogs. It is obvious the staff loves animals.



The dogs play in a courtyard with artificial turf. Any messes are immediately cleaned up by the staff. A staff member is always with the dogs. Kate enjoyed the older big dogs rather than the high-energy small dogs. The canine companions are grouped by temperament not just by size. The roomy play area has a fountain and several small kiddie pools. That suited Kate just fine. Being a spaniel she loves the water.

If you’re missing your canine companion while he’s at Pal’s Inn Pet Resort, just go to the live cam of the atrium to watch him playing.

The big dogs are on one side of the kennel facility and little dogs on the other. The kennels are roomy enough for two dogs, which works out well since Kate is used to being with Rose, her Irish setter sister.

Again no smells. What struck me was how well organized the resort is. There is an inside training room — where found dogs are kept away from doggy guests — a laundry room, and food prep area.

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