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False Alarm With Rose

Great news! Rose is pretty much okay. Walking around almost normally. We took her and Kate for a short walk this morning. Rose pulled on her leash like she normally does. I’m going to give her an extra teaspoon of turmeric paste and up her dosage of glucosamine – chondroitin. She’s also back on close to her normal schedule of food, games and treats.

Kate, our English springer spaniel is her silly self. She spent most of the morning chasing shadows in the backyard. She shows off by racing up and down the stairs, while Rose is carried or goes very slowly.

We decided to spend the next few weeks with my daughter in Maricopa figuring out exactly what we need and practicing camping. I mean I don’t want to be in the wild having a discussion with Brian about which one of us packed the toilet paper only to find out neither one of us did.

I’m not going to be posting every day. While traveling is interesting, the getting-ready-part is sort of boring. I mean are you really interested in the fact that tomorrow we have to get the SUV emission tested and then pay the registration fee for 2016? Didn’t think so.


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