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Expando Boxes

It’s a little known scientific fact that boxes expand 14% to 19% when taken from the house to the truck to transport for storage. What looks like an easy fit in the house becomes a fight for every square inch in the truck.

This results in at least two extra loads.

The boxes you pack first start out all neat, organized and labeled. The last boxes not so much. The only thing dog food, hair spray, lint remover roll, wine glasses and computer paper have in common is that they’re all in the same box.

Well at least we got everything into storage. It’s mostly business stuff and a box or two, seriously only a couple of boxes, of personal mementos. That, of course, doesn’t count the six boxes of Christmas decorations, two boxes of Easter and one box of Thanksgiving decorations. What? As Mary Kate in the movie, The Quiet Man, told John Wayne “There are many happy memories in these things of mine.”

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