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Buffalo Wings Bar & Grill: Flying High or Crash Landing?

I like chicken wings … a lot, so I was more than happy to try Buffalo Wings Bar and Grill. What place could have better wings than a restaurant whose name features the dish? Right? The menu includes wraps, burgers and salads. But seriously, here, I’m going for the featured dish.

The chicken wings were tender and juicy, not dried out at all, as they sometimes are from waiting under the heat lamps. Their shtick — that’s Hollywood talk by the way — is that they hand-spin each order of wings in whatever sauce or seasoning you order. You never accidentally get a bit of extra spicy hot ghost pepper sauce when you order mild BBQ sauce because the same bucket was used to toss both orders. They offer 16 different choices ranging from mild to that blazingly hot ghost pepper sauce. The sauces and seasonings are graded from green — very mild, to yellow — a bit on the spicy side, to red which means very, very hot. Somehow I picture 16 buckets all lined up in the kitchen just waiting to be spun.

I ordered the wings naked with sauce on the side; that way I can taste the chicken itself. My sauce choice was spicy garlic which was rated light yellowish-green on the heat color scale. Their heat scale must be a bit off. The garlic sauce was too hot for me, and I like spicy food. All I could taste was the burn. At my request, our wait server brought another sauce for dipping immediately, this time garlic parmesan.

My dining partner, Brian, ordered chicken tenders which were huge, well-seasoned, crispy on the outside, and perfectly done on the inside. His sauce was “classic,” a sweet, tart, mild sauce. For lunch you get your choice of one side. I chose French fries and Brian picked Caesar salad. Portions were generous but nothing to write home about. Actually the French fries were a bit limp.

We were there for lunch — which is free if the order doesn’t arrive within 15 minutes after you place it. A timer takes center stage on the table. Our order squeaked under the line by only five seconds, but I think they do that on purpose to get your hopes up for a free lunch.

So what didn’t I like? I prefer wings very crispy so when I bite down there’s a crunch. These were not crisp at all. I understand that the sauce can soak through the coating on the wings, but remember I ordered my wings naked. The portion of the chicken tenders was generous but the portion for wings was skimpy, only five of them, and not particularly big wings either.

Our server was friendly and helpful. Brian especially liked him because he asked Brian if he was an announcer on television after he heard Brian’s voice. Flattery will get you everywhere or in this case, at least a nice tip. The decor is sort of a family friendly sports bar.

Prices are reasonable, with the exception I would have liked more than five wings for $6.99

Buffalo Wings Bar and Grill is located in the Chandler shopping mall off the 101.

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