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Big Pharma Strikes Again

When you go to the doctor it seems they have a pill for everything and push those pills whether you want them or not. Last time I went — which was years ago — the doctor insisted I take all these tests. His explanation was “We always find something.” Very reassuring. Anyway, as I was thumbing through a magazine I noticed that there seemed to be a huge amount of space devoted to prescription meds. Each saying “Ask your health care professional if XYZ is right for you.” So I counted the pages devoted to pharmaceuticals.

Out of 120 pages of that publication over 40 pages were prescription drug ads. That’s 1/3 of the magazine.

I then went through a few other lifestyle/woman’s magazines. It’s scary. There are more and more disease and health articles than ever. And right by an article on say “The Warning Signs of Heart Attacks Women Ignore” is an ad for high cholesterol medication.

I’m at a certain age where I’m supposed to be tested for a myriad of diseases. No thank you. No way am I going to be prescribed with preventative medication for conditions I don’t have.

Note to Self: Eat more fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, and cut down on red meat.

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