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Attending My Own Estate Sale

That’s what I felt like as we sold nearly all of our household goods in anticipation of going on our travel adventures over the next year. It was a little bit eerie to see furniture and artwork go out the door and the house gradually emptying out. Usually it would be relatives or an auction house carrying out an “everything must go” sales — but I was my own auctioneer in this case.

Memories passed by my eyes as the pieces passed by. I remember how many hours I spent writing at my desk that I’ve had for 25 years — all the moments of elation and frustration as I saw my books and screenplays take shape. When a nice young couple bought the futon from my office, I remembered all the days my faithful friend Rose the Irish Setter sat quietly there while I worked (until it was her dinner time).

I thought I’d be sad seeing all these memories packed into trucks and SUV’s and driven away, but actually the opposite happened. I had a feeling of excitement. I realized that once all the things were gone and I could leave, I would be free to see new places, learn new things and meet new people all over the country.

Who knows, maybe a deceased person gets to hover over his beloved home while his heirs carry out his estate sale. Maybe he, too, gets the same sense of satisfaction that the worldly goods he enjoyed accumulating would now be enjoyed by others.

As the last piece went off to the consignment store, I realized by parting with old things I was opening up the opportunity for a fresh start. And it wasn’t memories that were going away, it was just ‘stuff and things’. You get to keep the memories.

As an added bonus, I got to attend my estate sale while I was still alive. Other guys aren’t so lucky.

–Brian Hill

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